5 reasons to outsource your website development

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A common question most businesses ask at some point in their growth, is ‘Should I outsource my website design and development or should I hire a team of in-house website developers’.  Like anything, there are pros and cons of doing both.  Today I’m going to discuss 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your website design and development for your company.

5 reasons to outsource your website design + development

1. Cost Savings

Probably the most obvious reason your company may want to consider outsourcing your website work is cost savings.  Whether you decide to hire a freelance web designer, or website design agency, your business will see a savings of anywhere from 20%-70% vs. hiring your own team of developers. 

The average salary for a website developer in Canada in 2019 was $72,500 per year or $37.18 per hour.  Now take into consideration that you will most likely require a team of developers that specialize in different aspects of design and development.  Factor in payroll, vacation, sick days, upgrading skills training, computers and other equipment, and you can see how the cost factor of your own website development team can start to eat up your budget quickly.

2. Expertise

If your company has hired employees before, you may already know how difficult it can be to find reliable talent.  Outsourcing website design to a freelancer or web design agency allows you to access an entire pool of web experts all at once.  Website design and development agencies have a team of experts knowledgeable in different areas.  Even most freelancers usually have a behind the scenes team of other experts and professionals they will outsource certain project aspects to, ensuring the job gets done right, and on time. 

3. A Focus on Your Business

Hiring a company or freelancer to work on your business website will ensure that the focus stays on your business.  When we are hired on retainer for ongoing website design and development, or for our Google management services, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy.  In fact, our website retainer clients are our top priority when they require design and development changes.  The fact that you can easily terminate a contract if the job isn’t getting done to your satisfaction ensures most agencies and freelancers will always continue to work hard for your business.

4. B2B Contracts

A perfect segue from reason number 3 is that when you work with Meghan Anderson Creative Boutique for your website work, you are working within a B2B (business to business) contract.  If you aren’t happy with our work (this has never happened thus far) we have no problem breaking the agreement.  This is much easier than involving HR and labour laws in order to terminate an employee that isn’t doing a good job.

5. Flexibility + Scalability

Just because your company has a high demand for website design and development work now, doesn’t mean it always will.  The amount of time required on most company websites will vary.  It might vary seasonally for your particular business or it might vary based on new product lines being introduced one year.  Outsourcing your website work will allow you the flexibility of scaling the amount of work you require up or down.  Many of our retainer clients have seasonal scaling and require us more hours during their busy seasons and less on their off seasons.  Flexibility is a key consideration.

Hire us on retainer

As you can see there are many key advantages to outsourcing your business website design and development.  Give our retainer packages a try.  We would love to help support your website development needs, contact us.

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